Gosford around Brisbane Water – 15 Jan 2020

Kayaks line up on beach after paddling

Gosford around Brisbane Water – Wednesday 15 Jan 2020

Participants: Colin North, Tim North, Allison Cameron, Val Walker, Carol Campbell, Geoff Cameron,   Berenice Chaten, Jennifer Newland, Sandi Eyles, Pauline and Alan Pope, Judi Weaver, Trish Treagus, Julian Crosswell + Carliarna and Ethan

Conditions were perfect for our first Mid-week paddle! Midweek paddles last for approximately 2 hours: from 8 am to 10 am.

We pushed off from the beach near the Gosford Sailing Club and gently headed towards St Clare. Some people hadn’t paddled for a while so they were rediscovering their skills.

Opposite Tascott we turned and headed over to Point Fredrick and then enjoyed paddling up through the moored yachts until we reached our starting point.

Thanks everyone. It was fun and everyone did well.

Pulling kayaks ashore at Gosford

Beaching kayaks at GSC beach