olfi one.five 4K HDR Action Camera


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The 4K action camera. Olfi one.five features 4K video at a cinematic 24fps along with traditional 1080p HD at a silky smooth 60fps frame rate. Olfi one.five’s new Sony Exmor-R sensor is gyro stabilised to reduce shake and lead to crystal clear videos and stills. There is an option to shoot in high dynamic range to reduce dark shadows and darken over exposed hi-lights. All of this paired with one.five’s all new full colour LCD screen.


Ultra high definition – Olfi one.five is capable of shooting Ultra High Definition 4K video at 24fps!

Gyro stabilisation – One of Olfi’s killer traits is its gyro stabilised sensor. Working similarly to a gimbal.

Rear LCD Screen – the high resolution rear LCD screen perfect for lining up your shot.

Official Olfi App – Olfi features a free, dedicated IOS and Android app, which acts as a remote and gallery.

Sony Exmor-R™ Sensor – Olfi utilises a Sony Exmor-R back-illuminated CMOS sensor.

Back Illuminated Tech – Olfi’s Sony Exmor-R sensor is also back-illuminated, allowing for crisp shots.

High dynamic range – Another of Olfi’s big features is High Dynamic Range video or HDR for short.

30m waterproof – Olfi wouldn’t be an action camera without the ability to get wet!

Included in the Olfi one.five Camera Pack

1 x Lithium Ion Battery
1 x 30M Waterproof Case
1 x Frame Housing
1 x Short 90º Connector
1 x Long 90º Connector
1 x J Clip
1 x Short Clip
2 x Short Screws
1 x Long Screw
1 x Curved 3M Adhesive Base
1 x Flat 3M Adhesive Base
1 x Carry Case
1 x USB Cable
1 x Free Smartphone App

Olfi accessories sold separately

  • one.five Remote Control
  • ‘The Stick’
  • ‘The Stick’ with remote control
  • Wrist Strap for Remote Control
  • Wrist strap with remote control
  • Head strap
  • Chest harness
  • Kids chest harness
  • bar mount with 90 degree connectors
  • Roll Bar Mount
  • Tripod adaptor
  • Base mounts (3 x flat, 3 x curved)
  • Surf mount
  • Vented helmet mount
  • Grab bag of mounts
  • ‘The floater’ (includes waterproof back door)
  • Tethers (x 3)
  • ‘The spanner’
  • Anti fog inserts (x 12)