Olfi one.five Remote Control & Strap



Control your Olfi one.five from the comfort of your wrist. This is the perfect option for those wanting control of their camera without having to reach for it. Ideal for helmet or head mounted situations, simply tap record on your wrist and your Olfi will respond. See something awesome while out for a ride, tap the photo button to save the memory.

There’s five buttons giving you fast access to the main Olfi shooting modes including video, photo and burst. You can also control the camera’s wi-fi allowing you to connect to your smart device for live preview. There’s even an option to power off your Olfi one.five for remote power saving. The remote uses radio frequency rather than wi-fi to drastically improve your camera’s battery life when in use. The remote itself uses such a small amount of juice that it is powered by a super long lasting watch battery. Should your remote run out of power, it’s really easy to replace the battery.


  • Olfi one.five Remote Control
  • Remote clip compatible with selfie stick handles
  • Olfi one.five Wrist Strap for Remote


  • Adjustable rubber strap
  • Aluminium clasp
  • Brushed aluminium and rubber finish
  • Start/stop recording button
  • Photo capture button
  • Burst photo button
  • Wi-fi on/off button
  • Camera power off button
  • Weatherproof*
  • Radio Frequency
  • Quick Pairing

* Dust/rainproof. Not fully waterproof, do not submerge.