Olfi ‘The Floater’


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The perfect accessory for anyone venturing in to the open water. In the unlikely event that you drop your camera, the bright orange “floater” will keep you from loosing your Olfi.
Not only is this accessory great for watersports, but it’s super easy to spot in the snow should you drop your Olfi on your favourite ski run.

Note – ‘The Floater’ is only designed to support the weight of an Olfi and a small mount. It will not necessarily support the weight of larger mounts such as suction cups. 

Image for illustration purposes only. Does not include camera, waterproof case or mounts. Colour may vary slightly from red to orange.


  • Olfi ‘Floater’ and waterproof backdoor for your selected camera


  • Great for water sports and snow sports
  • Keeps your Olfi afloat and easy to find in water
  • Easy to spot in the snow