Social Paddles Terms and Conditions

Activity Indemnity and Risk Warning

In participating in the activity referred to on this Risk Waiver form, I am aware that my participation in this Activity may expose me to risk that could lead to injury, illness or death or to loss of or damage to my property.

Those risks may include but are not limited to: dehydration; strong or weak tidal current or swell; strong or weak wind; dangerous shorelines due to rocks, shells, glass, plant or animal matter or other dangerous objects; slippery surfaces; dangerous rips; unpredictable weather; unpredictable sea conditions; boat and safety equipment failures; exposure to sunburn, hypothermia and hyperthermia; risk of drowning; risk of collision with other vessels; exposure to marine life; cuts and abrasions; damage to equipment on slippery and sharp surfaces; and injuries such as strains, sprains, blisters due to physical exertion.

To minimise these risks, I have endeavoured to ensure that:

  • The activity is within my capabilities, reasonably based on my training and experience, and I have represented these capabilities accurately to the trip leader
  • I will carry food, water and equipment and wear clothing and footwear appropriate for these activities
  • I will advise the activity leader if I am taking any medication or have any physical or other limitation that might affect my participation in these activities
  • I will not take any medication that may impair my capabilities
  • I will remain with the rest of the party and accept the instructions of the leader
  • I will note any risk warnings given prior to or during the trip
  • If bringing my own kayak, I will ensure it is equipped for the demands of the trip (eg sit-in kayaks to have pump or sponge for removing water)

I have read, or heard and understood, these requirements and I have considered the risks before choosing to sign this form. I still wish to participate in the activity. I agree by signing this form to waive any claim for damages arising from this activity that I may have against Kayak Central Coast Pty Ltd, the leader, or other participants in tort or contract. I agree by signing this form to waive any claim by my estate.