Ettalong to Lobster Beach plus – 10 Jun 2020

Map show route of Ettalong to Lobster Beach trip and return

Ettalong to Lobster Beach – 10 Jun 2020 Mid-week paddle

Participants: Christine Wheeler, Tim Wheeler, Val Walker, Alice de Gruchi, Rebecca Gleeson, Mike Guest, Peter Renkert, Colin North

Our smaller than usual group assembled in the drizzle at Ettalong Beach this morning, assured by Colin that his consultation with his satellite weather forecast crystal ball indicated all would be well weatherwise. The group was not so sure yet Colin was correct – the weather was perfect and only started to get icky once we were all finished up, under cover, sipping our end of trip coffees. That’ll teach us to ever doubt our fearless leader, Colin the Weather Whisperer, ever again.

The drizzle stopped by the time we pushed out and headed off to a sand island in the middle of the water where Colin explained (via stick drawings in the sand) where we would be paddling and why. Sticking close to the rocks vs paddling in the open water, something about currents and eddies…

We paddled along the shoreline past Wagstaff Point, marvelling at the beautiful rocks and hillside bush and the amazing seaweed, and around to Lobster Beach. Conditions were perfect and calm so we ventured on out in to open water past Little Box Head to Iron Ladder Beach. The group was excited to be paddling out in a little bit of swell, past a couple of waterfalls, swing ropes and spotting two sea eagles in a tree not far from Iron Ladder Beach. Pretty sure we were more happy to see them than they us. We couldn’t see the iron ladder though we did see a lovely little waterfall and some very interesting rock formations…

lSome snacks, chat, and exploration amongst the rocks was had at Iron Ladder Beach, Christine earning the title of Snacks Queen for her homemade salted caramel slice. It was a very special moment standing on that beach with our little group as a little bit of sun peeked through the clouds to light up the sandstone cliffs of Lion Island just across the water from us. We all admired the stunning view across the water where misty clouds were hanging low above Pearl Beach and Umina before heading back out in to the open water for the paddle home.
Unlike last week, the paddle home was easy and HEAPS of fun as we paddled over a sandbank across the open water, pushed along by some lovely big green waves – almost as much fun as a ride at Luna Park.

Trip report by Rebecca Gleeson

Thanks to Mike Guest for the vid