Repairs and alterations, advice, and even tryouts - we sell, service, and assist with your kayaking adventure.


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KCC provides repairs for all types of kayaks. Bring your kayak in for a quote, or call Colin to discuss.

We can:

  • Install fish finders
  • Install motors
  • Install rod holders, star ports and other RAILBLAZA accessories
  • Replace rudder cables
  • Pressure test and repair hulls
  • Fit bungee cables
  • Replace fittings and handles
  • Clean mineral discolouration from hulls
We fit all accessories for Viking Kayaks:
  • Rudder kits
  • Running anchor rigs
  • Chill pods, fish bags and covers
  • Hatch kits and buckets
  • Braces
  • Replacement parts for Viking Kayaks
  • Fit RAILBLAZA accessories to support fishing and photography - star ports, extender poles, lights, visibility flags, swivel rod holders, TracPorts, camera mounts and more.


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Why not have a test paddle before you buy?

You would never buy a car without a test drive. It is the same with buying a kayak - and it is even
more important as your weight can be 2-4 times that of the boat. Your paddling style, the kayak design and your weight all will affect kayak performance and comfort. Be confident you have chosen the right kayak for you! We encourage you to contact us for an obligation free tryout.


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Discover the beautiful waterways from the Hawkesbury River to Newcastle and the many stunning rivers, bays and lakes - experience remote beaches, go fishing or camp in a secluded hideaway overnight. Here are some suggestions.

Self-guided tours

Orphanage Ferry Route

Follow the route of the 'Orphanage Ferry' from Woy Woy to Kincumber South on Brisbane Water.
Map & Instructions (PDF)

Mooney Mooney Creek
Experience the secluded bushland of the Brisbane Water National Park. Paddle from the Old Pacific Highway to Money Mooney township or paddle upstream following the Great North Walk to the Mooney Mooney Dam.

Woy Woy Bays
Tour Woy Woy Bays - the tourist attraction of the 1800s! Visit Phegan's, Horsfield, and Woy Woy Bays. Have a swim and picnic at tranquil Waterfall Bay.
Map & Instructions (PDF)

Camping at Marramarra National Park

Enjoy the adventure of paddling up Marramarra Creek and camping overnight in the Marramarra National Park. Push off from the boat ramps at Mooney Mooney.
Map & Instructions (PDF)

Gentleman’s Halt

Follow the early explorations of Captain Arthur Philip and camp at Gentleman’s Halt opposite Spencer.


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