Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport Elite AE1017-OE


AdvancedFrame Sport Elite


  • Lightweight – the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak is only 13 kg.
  • Advanced Elements have crafted a puncture-resistant inflatable that won’t let you down. The durable triple layer PVC tarpaulin hull means you don’t have to worry about damage on rocks.
  • Drop-stitch floor is tough as nails gives enhanced rigidity, and can handle dogs and fishing easily.
  • The low centre of gravity and a flat hull make the AdvancedFrame Sport Elite kayak very stable.
  • Very comfortable with inflatable lumber support and foot brace included in the price.
  • Glides straight and cuts through chop with the patented AdvancedFrame design and built in fin.
  • Quick to set up – under 5 minutes.


Where to paddle

The Sport Elite is great for paddling in enclosed waters – lakes, bays and flat waters.

Extras available