Aqua Bound Sting Ray Fibreglass Paddle


A  popular blade style for recreation, the Sting Ray Fibreglass offers reliable performance and tight fitting construction.

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  • Lightweight fibreglass shaft which is warm on the hands
  • Mid-sized fibreglass blades allow for a balanced and smooth flutter free stroke
  • 2 piece shaft with snug fitting 3-hole snap button ferrule


Size: 220 cm

Brand: Aqua-Bound

Colour: Yellow

Blade Material: Fibreglass reinforced with abXII nylon

Shaft Material: Fibreglass

Blade Size: 16 x 46 cm

Blade Surface Area: 587 sq cm

Weight: 966 gm

Ferrule angles: 0 deg and 60 degrees right and left


Paddle care

  • Separate your paddle sections (unless it’s a 1 piece)
  • Rinse each part with clean, fresh water
  • Examine all parts to ensure it is clear of debris
  • Dry and store your paddle (separated, if applicable) in a clean, dry, indoor place