Aqua-Bound Tango Fibreglass Sunwave & Greentide Paddle


The lightweight, low-angle performance paddle that offers the smoothest forward stroke in paddles. Ideal for touring.


An ultra light, low-angle performance paddle for maximum results for minimum effort.

Features the new 100% carbon Posi-Lok™ ferrule system

The multi-laminate fiberglass blades are hand-crafted using high-pressure compression molding


Style 2 Piece,  220 cm

Shaft T700 Carbon Shaft

Blade material Compression moulded fibreglass

Blade size 620 square cm, 17 x 45 cm

Weight 737 gms

Ferrule angles Infinitely variable feather angles with the Posi-Lok™ Ferrule system


  • Sunwave
  • Greentide

Paddle care

  • Separate your paddle sections (unless it’s a 1 piece)
  • Rinse each part with clean, fresh water
  • Examine all parts to ensure it is clear of debris
  • Dry and store your paddle (separated, if applicable) in a clean, dry, indoor place