Circumnavigating Pelican Island – 5 Feb 2020

Paddling kayaks around mangroves on Pelican Island

Circumnavigating Pelican Island – 5 Feb 2020 – a Mid-Week Paddle Trip

Participants: Peter Renkin, Kim Walshe, Richard Walshe, Jenny Newland, Val Walker, Janele, Carol Campbell, Geoff Cameron, Rebecca Gleeson, Judith Weaver, Trish Treagus, Colin North, Tim North

It was high tide this morning and a great time to explore Pelican Island Nature Reserve (located opposite the ferry wharf at Woy Woy). At other times the water is too low to allow access to the island by kayak.  After paddling around the eastern point of the island and passing the oyster leases, we were able to enter the northern part of the island. We spent a peaceful time paddling between the mangroves – good for kayaking skills and beautifully calm.


Paddling past the oyster leases near Pelican Island

Passing the oyster baskets near Pelican Island

Mangoves in the water on Pelican Island

Mangroves on Pelican Island






Then it was over to Saratoga Island – another Nature Reserve. Some of us were able to see stingarees, fingerlings and beautiful green crabs. We returned to the Lions Park wharf by paddling through the channel in the southern part of the island.

Kayakers taking a rest break on Saratoga Island

On Saratoga Island

A crab waving its claws defensively

Crab on Saratoga Island