Gosford to Koolewong – 19 Feb 20

Kayakers gathering at Point Clare

Gosford to Koolewong – 19 Feb 20 – Mid week paddle

Participants: Jenny Newland, Carol Campbell, Geoff Cameron, Sandi Eyles, Peter Renkin, Alice De Gruchi, Val Walker, Judith Weaver, Sean, Rebecca Gleeson, Janelle Purvis, Trish Treagus, Colin North and Tim North

This was to be a paddle to Saratoga and return, but on arriving at the beach near the Gosford Sailing Club, we discovered a the weather had presented a a gnarly westerly wind of about 17 km/hr. A change of plan was called for and we decided to head straight into the wind to Point Clare and then proceed to Koolewong. Happily there was an area of calm at Point Clare but we were soon paddling with the brisk wind coming on our starboard side.

Setting out from near Gosford Sailing Club to Point Clare

Pushing off from Gosford to Point Clare

Kayakers gathering at Point Clare

Gathering at Point Clare

At Koolewong we were encouraged with the promise that the wind direction would shift and we would be able to fly back to Gosford. Sadly we had to trudge through a beam sea with little assistance from wind . But we all made it and can be congratulated on our performance.

Kayakers in the middle of Brisbane Water

Paddling on Brisbane Water before the wind hit us