Woy Woy to Ettalong 15 Dec 19

Paddlers having rest stop at St Huberts Island

Woy Woy to Ettalong and return – Sunday 15th December 2019

Participants: Colin North, Timothy North, Steven Constantine, Jennifer North and Jennifer Hartich, Shar Vanderfield, Kayla Vanderfield, Jarvis Pritchard, Kwayne Pritchard, Jeremy Raczkowski, John Murrel, James Muller, Andrew Gibbons, Peter Walker.

Map of route Woy Woy to Ettalong as planned

Route Woy woy to Ettalong as planned

Map of actual paddle from Woy Woy to Ettalonga

Actual route Woy Woy to Ettalong











A big paddle group for what should have been a pretty simple paddle. How wrong we were. Turned out to be quite an adventure for some. A slow start put us late in the tidal cycle at Rip Bridge. A couple of the experienced paddlers passed through without incident, but the difficult conditions inhibited getting the party through. We spent some time capsizing, recovering, falling off the other side and generally reinforcing the concept of paddling as a wet sport. All good times must come to an end and we decided to change the paddle plan.

Paddlers having rest stop at St Huberts Island

Rest stop at St Huberts Island

From the Rip Bridge we headed north up western shore of St Huberts, a small section of these waters I had not previously explored. Arriving near Woy Woy, it was decided to do a circumnavigation of Pelican Island.Being a very high tide we were able to lead a small group under the trees and about 20 metres into the mangroves. This is an unusual environment completely isolated from the waterways. Pelican Island is one of the very few areas on Brisbane Water where entry this deep into the mangroves is even possible. Sun rays were swimming in the 150mm deep waters and easily observed. This is the nursery to Brisbane Water.

Pelican Island was rounded and the group arrived back at Woy Woy Lions Park.

Paddlers leaving Woy Woy

Paddlers setting off from Woy Woy

Most improved paddle pair for the day goes to Kayla and Jarvis in the Viking 2+1 double kayak. Started off struggling to maintain a straight line, but by the end they were stroking in synchronisation and showing everyone how a double kayak should be paddled. This is not an easy skill, so great effort.